Join us in Crystal River, Florida where you can embark on exciting adventures and enjoy a privilege that is exclusively ours; to snorkel with manatees! Our swim with manatee tour in the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge is world famous for a reason but it is just one of the excursions you can take with River Ventures! Come and spend the day, or visit us for a week and we can arrange an assortment of experiences that range from Wild to Mild! When you visit the beautiful Nature Coast here in Citrus County you will want to ‘Stay and Play’!
If viewing the endangered manatee is your priority then we have the experience for you! When embarking on a manatee snorkel you will be accompanied by our USCG licensed Master Captains who will serve as your in water tour guides, educators and photographers. Our guides enter the water with you to ensure the experience is safe and enjoyable for both the manatee and for you, even if you are new to snorkeling. Our commitment to education and passive interaction really set us apart from other tour companies. We love what we do, and it shows! One cannot help but fall in love with these majestic, gentle giants and when you leave here you will have a better understanding of the need to protect them.

The Florida manatee is a playful and friendly animal by nature and they often show a great deal of curiosity when it comes to humans. Up close and personal encounters with the manatee is what we strive for but simply observing them in their natural habitat is an experience you will remember for a lifetime!

Come experience an unforgettable connection with these amazing animals and let us share our love for this spring-fed eco-system with you. Once you experience this unique and amazing privilege, you will almost certainly share our enthusiasm, love and respect for these gentle creatures!

While in the area we highly recommend adding more adventure to your stay here in Citrus County! Feeling a need for speed? Then check out our air boat offerings! Do you want to step back in time to areas less congested and more natural? Then maybe The Chazz paddle is for you! With River Ventures as your guide you can explore in confidence! If you have been with us before, then rediscover River Ventures! We can now offer your group ‘More than just Manatee’!!